Postgraduate Workshops

We invite you to sign up for Postgraduate Workshops taking place on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2024.

Registration Fees

Registration TypeCost
Advanced Trainee Workshop Full 
(Friday and Saturday)
(Friday or Saturday only)
TSANZ/ANZSRS Member (Attending the ASM)$162$121.50
TSANZ Associate or Ordinary Member or ANZSRS Member earning <$125K$90$67.50
TSANZ/ANZSRS Member - Student$60$45
Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Control 2024
Interventional Bronchoscopy Update Series
Pleural Medicine
Half day workshops
TSANZ Ordinary Member /ANZSRS Member$162
TSANZ Associate or Ordinary Member or ANZSRS Member earning  <$125K $90
TSANZ/ANZSRS Member - Student$60
Soft Skills, Communications and LeadershipSaturday half day

Key Dates

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22 - 26 March 2024

Advanced Trainee Workshop
Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2024

Friday 1330 - 1700

Clinical Session

Topics to be covered will include 

  • Complex Asthma
  • Biologics
  • Complex Pneumonia 

Saturday 0830 - 1200

Part 1: Radiology interpretation 

Topics to be covered will include:

  • CTs
  • Anatomy
  • Case studies
  • HRCTs
  • MRI

Part 2: Advanced Trainee Project Tips and Tricks

How to get it published, start, finish and next steps

Full program including speakers coming soon.

Sponsored by Chiesi

Interventional Bronchoscopy Update Series - State of the Art
Friday 22 March 2024

Friday 1330 - 1700

The Interventional bronchoscopy workshop will involve experts commentary and discussion on an evidence-based approach to using common bronchoscopic procedures. It will focus on updates on diagnostic and therapeutic advances in bronchoscopy techniques to manage lung diseases. In particular, it will focus on the role of linear and radial EBUS, rigid bronchoscopy, bronchoscopic approaches to lung volume reduction and control of persistent air leak, and most importantly for trainees, the prevention and management of common complications of bronchoscopy. There will be case-based discussions to illustrate and reinforce the teaching points related to the lectures along with an interactive Q&A panel discussions. The session will provide the strong knowledge base necessary for trainees to allow optimal, rational, evidence-based, and patient-focused bronchoscopic learning.

Full details here: 

Interventional Bronchoscopy Update Series: Part 1

Interventional Bronchoscopy Update Series: Part 2


Sponsored bey Ambu and Pulmonx 


Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Control 2024 – moving targets
Saturday 23 March 2024

Saturday 0830 - 1200

Tobacco and nicotine product control continues to evolve in response to industry innovations. Tobacco remains the leading avoidable cause of disease in Australia and NZ. Both countries have taken strong measures to reduce the impact of smoking, yet electronic cigarettes have now emerged as a significant threat to decades of tobacco control. This interactive workshop will engage attendees with up-to-the-minute discussion of tobacco control policy, nicotine addiction treatment, and health effects of new and existing products with a particular focus on electronic cigarettes.

Full details here:

Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Control 2024: Part 1

Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Control 2024: Part 2


Sponsored by AstraZeneca

Soft Skills, Communications and Leadership Workshop 
Saturday 23 March 2024

Saturday 0830 - 1200

The workshop has been designed as a collaborative half-day session with two parts. 

Part 1: Communicating with Impact
The first section will be titled “Communicating with Impact”, and will teach participants both mass and targeted communication skills and tactics, and how to engage with governments and media.

Chair: Jodie Wrigley
Speakers: Dr David Cunnington, Michael Cooney

8:30 – 8:45    Welcome and introduction
8:45 – 9:00    The changing communication environment
9:00 – 9:10    Strategic Communication foundations
9:10 – 9:40    Creating communication that cuts through
9:40 – 9:50    Summaries 

Part 2:  Purposeful Healthcare Leadership – Effective Strategies for Improved Outcomes
 Join us for an interactive and dynamic 90-minute session tailored for thoracic health professionals seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities. Led by Danielle Duell, a renowned expert in purposeful leadership, this session goes beyond traditional approaches. Delve into some of the unique challenges of leadership within the respiratory and sleep medicine fields, explore the distinctions between management and leadership in a medical context, and uncover the transformative power of purposeful leadership. Engage in interactive discussions, real-world case studies, and practical exercises to elevate your leadership skills. Walk away with actionable insights to make an immediate impact in your role as a leader.

Speaker: Danielle Duell

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the nuances of leadership in a medical context.
  • Differentiate between management and leadership behaviours.
  • Embrace purposeful leadership principles tailored to the medical field.
  • Acquire actionable steps to enhance your leadership capabilities.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your leadership impact. Join us for an insightful and practical session led by a pioneer in purposeful leadership.


Sponsored by Maurice Blackburn

Pleural Medicine: Everything you need to know for your daily practice (from beginners to specialists)
Saturday 23 March

Saturday 0830 - 1200

Pleural effusions affect 23 million people a year and forms part of everyday practice for respiratory physicians, nurses and allied health professionals. Recent years have seen significant advances in pleural medicine, disproving a lot of conventional practices. This has led to publications of several new pleural guidelines from the European Resp Soc, British Thoracic Soc, Am Assoc Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology etc.  All major respiratory conferences, including ATS, ERS, CHEST, BTS annual meetings now routinely feature updates on pleural diseases to update attendees of new and exciting findings.

This PG course will provide attendees with the latest evidence-based practice but also practical tips in areas of knowledge gaps for everyday management of pleural conditions useful for clinicians of all grades, from trainees to specialists.

Full details here:

Pleural Medicine: Part 1

Pleural Medicine: Part 2


Sponsored by Ambu and Pulmonx